Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What does Easter stand for? E is for Equality!


OK, so here's my (possibly not so) bright idea: For the next 5 days I'll be posting about what Easter means to me, one letter at a time. That means that tomorrow's theme will begin with A, Friday's S, and so on.....
Please remember that these are my thoughts: I am simply a Christian, I have not been theologically trained!

Today I'm tacking 'E'

E is for Equality

Picture Jesus on the cross, two criminals hanging beside him. One wonders why he is there? Surely he doesn't deserve this fate! At that moment Jesus could have turned round and said "You're right- I've done nothing wrong, by human values I don't deserve to be here, but you do!" But that's not what he said, of course its not! Instead he tells him that he will be with him in paradise.

Faith makes all believers equal- no matter what they have done in the past! Like the criminal, our sins are forgiven if we truly repent. Its important to remember this in our daily lives and to be careful not to judge others, it's their hearts that will truly matter in the end!

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