Thursday, 5 April 2012

A is for Agape

Continuing my letter by letter meaning of Easter posts. These are written straight from my heart and my point of view, its not necessarily official theology!

A is for Agape

What is Agape? 
Pronunciation: /ˈagəpi/


[mass noun] Theology
  • Christian love, as distinct from erotic love or simple affection.
  • [count noun] a communal meal held in Christian fellowship
Origin: early 17th century: from Greek agapē 'brotherly love'
 Oxford Dictionary Online

The cruxifiction is the ultimate sign of God's love for us- showing how much he cares for us. Jesus' last words "Father, forgive them" also showed that love, poured out on those who had condemned him.

It is hard to love everyone, especially those who hurt us. And yet it is this kind of love that Jesus calls us to have for all. Jesus told us to 'love our neighbours', illustrating the meaning of neighbour through the story of the Good Samaritan. Our neighbours are all the world, whatever their creed, colour, beliefs etc, etc..... Loving them all may seem an impossibility, but it is something which all Christians must try to do.

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