Sunday, 8 April 2012

E is for Everyone

We've already seen that Easter stands for Equality, Agape, Saviour and Transcendent.
Today, as we celebrate Easter Day, I'm gong to talk about the second E and the letter R.

E is for Everyone
The Old Testament follows the story of the Jewish nation and their journey to the promised land. With the coming of Jesus this promised land was opened up to us all. Jesus associated with those who, at the time, were considered sinners- tax-collectors, those living with others whilst unmarried, the disabled, and non-Jews. On the cross he was even willing to talk to criminals. There was no group that he was unwilling to communicate with.

Jesus' early followers included women, men, Greeks, Romans, fishermen, craftsmen, worked people, the educated, former Jews, and many more. Today, thanks to the message of his resurrection, Christians are spread all around the world. They come from many walks of life, many educational and social backgrounds, and many different societies. The message that Jesus, and God, are for everyone is one that we, as Christians, should shout from the rooftops. The question only remains, why don't we?

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