Friday, 14 June 2013

Tell the G8 that we need land transparency!

Enough food for everyone if we force governments companies to be honest about their land practices that stop people getting enough food.

Its hard to imagine living simply off what grew on our own land, or on money made by selling things grown with our own hands. But for millions of people in the developing world this is reality. Go on, imagine living like that. Look out into your garden (if you have one) and imagine that's your lively hood.
Now imagine that one day someone came along and took that away from you. They said they were going to grow their own crops on it. They sent you packing. Where would you go? What would you do? How would you feed yourself?

So, how can we change things?:
The World Bank should be pushed to review the impact of its funding of land acquisitions on communities and the environment, and to change its policies to ensure they prevent land grabs.

The UK Government should use its presidency of the G8 to push for greater transparency in land acquisitions, to ensure that corrupt deals are stopped and that people have the information they need to hold governments and companies to account.

Contact your government and let them know that you want things to change? 
Use the twitter hash-tags #G8 and and #BigIF to join in the debate. 

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