Sunday, 23 June 2013

Food not fuel!

Companies are also increasingly growing crops for fuel rather than food. This madness is driving up food and petrol prices.
If we end the use of crops for fuel, we can stop millions going hungry.

As part of the ongoing re-negotiation of EU biofuel legislation, the UK should lobby so that no biofuels grown on land that could have been used to grow food should count towards the EU's 10% renewable energy in transport target. The land required to grow crops in order to meet this target has led to a rising number of large-scale land grabs and an increase in food prices.
The UK should lobby the EU to recognise in law the true extent of damaging carbon emissions caused by biofuel production, as well as the impact that biofuels have on food prices and land rights.

Support fuel from waste, rather than fuel from food. Think before you buy!

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