Thursday, 18 August 2011

Suggested Activity 14: Visit your local farm shop

Today's suggestion: Visit your local farm shop

Why not support your local economy, whilst knowing exactly where your food comes from, by visiting your local farm shop. There are a whole variety of different types of farm shop serving, amongst other things, : bread, cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables, cakes, jams, plants. Some have cafes or pick-your-own attached to them. Others have nearby garden centres or children's activities. Why not check out what's near to you, do your shopping and maybe make a whole day of it.

Over to you
Do you have a farm shop near you?
I'd love you to tell us about it, maybe other readers would be interested as well.

If you fancy knowing how I make beetroot cake, then pop over to 'Living In A Time Warp' where I'll be sharing my recipe this afternoon.

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