Monday, 16 May 2011

Christian Resources Exhibition- Part Two

I was unable to see everything on my first visit, so I decided to make a return visit on the Thursday.

Again, there were a range of good seminars on. I decided to go to two:
  1. A session about how to construct worship using a range of different styles. We were taught how to create the correct mood using pictures, different focuses and musical devices such as adding a constant chord to the keyboard part. They also shared some different inclusion techniques such as getting the congregation to write their prayers on a clipboard that was passed round during the service.
  2. The other session I went to was about how to include boys in exploring their spirituality within the church family. The speaker talked about how boys can be reluctant to appear intelligent, good looking or kind because of a fear of being called names, and yet this is what we expect them to aim for. It is important to let them take risks and join in with rough and tumble, whilst remembering that not all boys are the same. 
I came back with a few more freebies including a pencil, yet another pen and one more book.

What style of worship is used in your church? How do you try to include boys in the church community?

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