Sunday, 15 May 2011

Christian Resources Exhibition- Part One

On Tuesday I visited the Christian Resources Exhibition. I was amazed by how large it was and how many things there were to see and buy.

I went to two seminar sessions- one on AV and another on Christian counselling.
The AV session was very useful. I learnt how different speakers and microphones affect sound, something which I was able to put into practise whilst singing this Sunday in church.
The session on Christian counselling was interesting. but didn't quite fit with my theological viewpoint. It did make me think, however.

It was surprising how many of the stalls were giving away freebies. Whilst some of them were just thrust my way and I had no idea what I was getting, quite a few of them were actually very useful. By the end of the day I had collected approximately 1 pen, a CD, 3 DVDs, 5 magazines and 2 books for free.

I've mentioned already how many things there were to buy. I ended up buying:

Books (you can read the details of these here)
Once Blind by Kay Marshall Strom
Q by Paul Nigro
Winterflight by Joseph Bayly
Crusade of Tears by C.D. Baker
No flowers.... just lots of joy by Fiona Castle with Jan Greenough
Behind the Sofa by Anthony Thacker

Children/Youth Resources
The Limerick Bible by Peter Wallis
5x Legends of Faith magazines
Top Tips on Reaching unchurched children by Helen Franklin
Top Tips on Prompting prayer by Sarah Bingham and Vicki Blyth
Ultimate Creative Prayer by Judith Merrel

At the end of the day, worn out for buying and then carrying around my purchases, I went to see a brilliant comedy sketch. It told the story of Exodus in one hour, complete with magic tricks, audience participation, funny songs and musical asides. It was hilarious and I'm very glad that I went.

Have you been to CRE? If so, do share your experiences.

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