Saturday, 2 June 2012

Messy Church: Trust

On the 19th of May a group of helpers, parents, carers and children met at All Saint's Church, Abingdon to explore the theme of trust.

Are are lions as friendly as this?
It all started when visitors arrived to be greated by smiling lions.

There were many activities to join in with in the hall, with helpers on hand to both deal with the practicalities of the crafts, and discuss links with the day's story. Face painting seemed to be one of the favourites!
Do you believe it will float?

Trust this bookmark to save your place

Can you trust your parachute?

All will be revealed later!

There we even more activities in the Perry Room including lion pizzas, chains of trust, and lion masks.

Can you guess what it is yet?
Hanging our trust on others

This was in addition to the blindfolded maze in the main church!

After the activities we over, we all gathered in the church for a short story, song and prayer. It was here that it was explained why we had lions all over the place- our story was Daniel and the Lion's Den! Daniel has to trust God to keep him safe from the lions, and that's why we'd be exploring trust all morning.

The highlight of the session, as always, was the food shared together in the hall. As well as having hot dogs followed by trifle, there was an opportunityh for those who had made pizzas to eat them.

Then everyone packed up and went home, not forgetting to pick up a book for the Messy Church bookshelf on the way out.

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