Sunday, 20 May 2012

Crusade of Tears by C.D. Baker (A Review)

It's the Year 1212- Jerusalem is occupied by Islam. Thousands of Christian Knights in armor have failed to liberate the Holy City. Who else will the Church send to fight for the Faith? More Knights? Peasant Labourers? Or...... their children?

My review:
Despite being the first in a series, this book works really well as a stand-alone adventure. Sometimes sad and heartbreaking, this historical tale (loosely based on scarce historical sources) speaks of what true faith is all about. A Christian reading this book will find themselves reconsidering the basis of their faith, with questions at the end of the book further aiding this process. But this is not just a story for those who consider themselves Christians, it is a tale for all and could easily find its place on a mainstream chain's bookshelf as easily as in a faith bookshop. The characters are complex and real, and their journey is one of growing up as well as distance. A great tale for all who aren't afraid of their adventure straying from the path of fantasy.

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