Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday Thought #5

Isn't it great when you reach the end of the book and find that there are discussion questions, so that you can make the book last even longer! And then, just when you've started pondering them, you realise that this is something you want to discuss further............... but the right person just isn't there (or maybe they're just too busy). Well, then this is the place for you!

Every Thursday I'll be posting a discussion question, challenge or thought from one of the Christian books that I've read. Then I'll post my personal response.
Then its your turn: consider the question and, if you feel moved to do so, post a comment or a link to the answer in your own blog. You don't have to participate every week, just when you want to.

Today's question comes from 'Secret Believers' by Brother Andrew and Al Janessen.

Ar we willing to do anything, even lay down our lives, if necessary, to advance the kingdom of God? 

My response:
Before we can answer this question, it is important to establish that not everything would advance the kingdom of God. A kingdom based on love could not be advanced, for instance through violent actions; nor could a kingdom based on choicce be advanced through forcing people to 'believe'. 
I wish I could truly answer 'yes' (within the context on the paragraph above) to this question, but I honestly doubt if I would have the strength to do so at this moment in time. I do have faith, however, that God would never ask us to do anything that we could not do (with his help), so I hope that it I was ever in a situation where God needed me to do this then I would be able to carry it through. 

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